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You know it all ... if you trade, speculate or gamble. Imagine the opportunity to skip it all. Just HOLD GGFrog NFTs and let your automatic rewards grow upon a time. Get time to time $ggfrog token AIRDROP. Forget your GGFrogs, let them earn $ and swap $ggfrog tokens on Cardano DEXs for $ADA. Let your passive income begin ...

Experience, Patience, Automation

growing profits as time goes
Automatic trading strategies developed in MetaQuotes Language 5 (MQL5) on major traditional markets such as Gold, Crude Oil, Dow Jones, Forex & others running on VPS to trade 24/5. Trades in $, profits in stablecoins or ADA to NFT owners, northstar metric is creation of profits in 3-months periods, potential & temporary losses are part of the trading and are calculated in money management strategy

Trading profit share

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Mint funds allocation

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What is compounding

The compounding effect in trading refers to the practice of reinvesting profits generated from successful trades back into your trading account. By reinvesting your profits, your account balance grows, and you have more money to trade with, which can lead to larger profits in the future.

For example, let's say you have a trading account with $10,000 and you make a 10% return on your first trade, earning you $1,000 in profit. Instead of withdrawing that profit, you reinvest it back into your account, bringing your total account balance to $11,000. Now, if you make another 10% return on your second trade, you'll earn $1,100 in profit, rather than $1,000, because your account balance has increased.

This process of compounding your profits can continue over time, leading to exponential growth in your trading account. However, it's important to remember that losses can also compound, so it's crucial to have a solid risk management strategy in place to protect your account.

What is $ggfrog token

$ggfrog is utility token of GGFrog NFT project. Active members supporting and promoting our growing community are rewarded with the token.

To give token a value, we provide ADA from minting and regularly from trading profits into liquidity pools on DEXs (Sundaeswap, Minswap). So that token is tradable and owners can potentially swap it for ADA or other tokens.

Token will have additional utility in the upcoming future.

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Introduction of our automated strategies

which are going to earn you & us money
GGFrog DJ Master 5.0

Real EUR trading results on Dow Jones with 1.000 EUR account, approx. 17% in 3 months

GGFrog GBPUSD Trader 3.0

3 years backtest with maximum real ticks calculation and medium risk, starting capital: 25.000 EUR

Introducing GGFrog – the NFT project that allows you to participate in the world of automated futures trading on the major markets of Gold, Crude Oil, Dow Jones and Forex. Our revolutionary AI bots, developed in MetaQuotes Language 5 (MQL5), employs sophisticated algorithms to execute trades that are closely monitored and evaluated in real time.

At GGFrog, we pride ourselves on running automatic trading strategies that are successful in real life. We ensure that our settings and overall performance are optimized to adapt to market conditions as they evolve.

Here’s where it gets even more exciting – by owning one or more NFTs from our exclusive @ggfrognft collection, you can participate in the profits generated by our trading strategies. 

Our profits are converted regularly into the stablecoins or ADA and shared with our NFT owners. We understand that profits and losses are part of the trading, but our north star metric is to generate profits in 3-months periods that can be shared with our community. 

At GGFrog, we are transparent about our operations. 90% of ADA from NFT collection minting will be converted into $ and added to our trading account. The more that is minted, the bigger our trading account, and the greater the potential rewards for our community. 

Join us at GGFrog to experience the future of automated futures trading and become a part of our growing community. With our exclusive NFT collection, you have the opportunity of passive income in a unique and exciting way. Don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of something truly special.

Special perks
Exclusive trainings, talks and chat rooms for NFT holders
Frog chill & relax room access – “We talk about money, passive incomes & fun.”

  • 3,000 NFTs in famous goblins’ art style
  • Legendary traits
  • Automatic trading enabled with already proven strategies for each NFT
  • Higher mint price to fund as much as possible to trading account and increase possible rewards for owners
  • Regular profit sharing via automatic snapshots
  • Do you have emotions if you put money into the markets? Or minting NFTs? Buying memecoins & crypto? Trading? GGFrogs may be your mirror into own emotions, be careful 🙂
  • Cardano Policy ID: eadd94ea66a71addbc716da23261b3b14a71ac00a9ec2693c1bf5372

Give me summary of benefits

GGFrog project represents the first of a kind NFT project on Cardano to channel money from traditional markets into crypto and NFT world. We’ve been trading many years already and we will trade in the future. There is possible unlimited cash-flow going into the project and towards NFT owners. 

With our project you do not need to know complex trading rules on commodity and forex markets. You don’t need to develop own strategies or check the charts many hours per day. You enjoy our relax atmosphere with others and let your NFTs passively earn real $.

Additionally you can trade GGFrog NFTs on secondary markets and get rewarded with $ggfrog tokens for support of our community and as loyalty AIRDROPs.

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$ directly shared with NFT owners from all profits made by automatic trading strategies
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Profit from each NFT grows by 20% every profit sharing cycle through compounding effect
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Your LPs on DEXs get 5% of $ from all profits to give you swap liquidity for $ggfrog tokens, continuously
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100% minting funds (trading & 10 lucky winners & $ggfrog token LPs) + 85% of all profits (direct share & compounding & $ggfrog token LPs) go back to community


What futures markets do we trade on?

Gold, Crude Oil, Dow Jones, Forex & others based on community voting

How do I claim rewards?

Keep GGFrog NFTs in your wallet. Profit sharing is automatic via snapshots. 

Is automatic trading profitable?

The profitability of automatic trading of futures markets depends on various factors, including the trading strategy employed, market conditions, and the effectiveness of the trading algorithm. While some traders have been successful with automated trading of futures markets, others have not been able to generate consistent profits.

Automated trading can offer several benefits over manual trading, including the ability to quickly analyze large amounts of data and execute trades faster than humans. However, it is important to keep in mind that automated trading strategies are only as good as the algorithm and data used to develop them. Even the best trading algorithms can be impacted by unexpected market events or changes in market conditions.

Additionally, automated trading can also be affected by fees and slippage, which can impact the overall profitability of the strategy. It is important to carefully evaluate the costs associated with automated trading and factor these into any profitability analysis.

Overall, while automated trading of futures markets can be profitable, it is important to carefully evaluate any trading strategy and thoroughly backtest it before implementing it in a live trading environment.

How is the team rewarded?

The team is rewarded if you earn. 15% of profit is the reward for founders and team. 

Do you have a whitelist options?

Yes, join our WL directly from this website, limited slots available (1000).

In which currency will I get rewards?

All rewards will be paid-out in stablecoins or ADA.

What is your trading history?

Our team members are actively trading on futures markets since 2005. Utilizing the power of automatic strategies to free-up the time for further learnings, developments and research. We are fans of maximum efficiency.  

We use several automatic trading strategies with different setups. Especially forex markets are different than commodities so we do have different bots and settings for each market.

What broker do you use?

ICMarkets broker offers great spreads and low commissions for our automatic strategies.

How many collections do you have and what are the benefits?

One legendary collection with 3,000 NFTs.

NFTs will generate passive income if our trading strategies are successful.

In fact there is no limit for profits to grow as we use part of the profit for compounding of trading account. 

Losses are part of the business, but handled by smart and secure money management techniques.

NFTs are tradeable on secondary markets.

Trading rules

  • Be patient. Wait for the profits, don't push trades.
  • Follow your plan, strategies and prepared steps.
  • Evaluate in meaningful time periods the results, adapt to changes.
  • Losses and drawdowns are part of the trading, be prepared to overcome them with trading plan.
  • Let your account grow with compounding effect. No limits in profits, use smart money management to reduce risk.
  • Expect to be profitable in longer periods of time like months. Not days or every week. 
  • Focus on swing and trend following strategies. No scalping. 
  • Always use Stoploss to protect the capital. Trailing stop loss to let profits grow. 
  • Profitable trading comes from portfolio of several not much correlated strategies and markets. 

Discord rules

  1. Discord is private
  2. You can join money talks, once you get a role, which is manually added and precisely selected
  3. We want to avoid bots, scammers and bad actors
  4. Our discussions are about money, passive incomes, cash-flow, life and fun in chilled and relax atmosphere
  5. Our NFT partners and friends understand that trading has ups & downs but we remain always with positive outlook

Are you the right person to join us?

  1. Financial stability and independence:  You have a desire for financial stability and independence. You recognize the importance of building wealth for your future and are interested in exploring passive income opportunities as a means to achieve financial security.

  2. Tech-savvy and digitally inclined: You are comfortable with technology and digital platforms. You are likely to use online resources, mobile apps, and investment platforms for your financial needs. You may actively research investment opportunities and stay informed about market trends through various online sources.

  3. Diversification and risk management: You understand the importance of diversification and risk management in investing. You aim to build a diversified portfolio by investing in different asset classes such as Crypto, NFTs, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, and potentially explore alternative investments.

  4. Long-term perspective: You are looking for a long-term approach to investing and understand the benefits of compounding returns over time. You may focus on building a portfolio that generates passive income and grows steadily over the years.

  5. Entrepreneurial aspirations: You have entrepreneurial aspirations and seek to generate passive income through starting own businesses. You may invest in your own ventures or support startups through crowdfunding or angel investing.

  6. Cultural influences: Cultural values and norms vary across  countries, and these influences can shape the behavior and wishes of  individuals. Factors such as cultural attitudes towards risk, wealth accumulation, and the role of family may impact investment decisions.

  7. Peer influence and social networks:  You may be influenced by your social circles. You may seek advice, discuss investment strategies, or share ideas with friends, family, or online communities, which can play a role in shaping your investment decisions.

How much can I earn? Example?

Your profit will grow via compounding effect each sharing cycle, no limits. Example:

  • trading account $1.000.000
  • conservative 20% profit in 6 months $200.000
  • 60% direct sharing $120.000 = each NFT earns $40 (1st passive income)
  • 20% adds up to trading account as compounding to increase your future rewards $40.000 (2nd passive income)
  • 5% goes to LPs on DEXs where you can swap $ggfrog tokens for $ADA, $10.000 (3rd passive income)
  • it is just one single sharing profit cycle out of unlimited cycles in the future, on top each sharing round your rewards grow by 20% from profits


We don't work with classic legacy roadmap style. However here is the plan:

  • Run approx. 8 automatic strategies on REAL money account with 1k EUR several months, STATUS: ongoing
  • Run approx. 8 automatic strategies on REAL money account with 20k+ EUR for 3 months, STATUS: coming soon
  • Mint 3000 GGFrog NFTs, out of that 50 NFTs give to our community via promotions, STATUS: promotions ongoing, mint in preparation
  • Start trading with mint funding all 8 strategies and share regularly profit with NFT holders, STATUS: upcoming in the future

All is going to happen in 2024!

Join our community on socials. “We talk about money, cashflows and life.”

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